Missing Andy have gone from strength to strength after the release of their long awaited debut album 'Generation Silenced' in 2011.  Touring the album across the UK and Europe, this industrious band slowly built a strong, dedicated and diverse fan base.  Often appealing to entire families, bringing the older generation music they could believe in once again, and something with real substance to a new generation who have known nothing more than the superficial, conveyor-belt class of music that plagues today's charts.

At the start of 2013, Missing Andy took on the mammoth task of completing and recording two brand new studio albums 'Guerrilla Invasion Parts 1 & 2'.  The band previewed 4 tracks from the two albums in March, via digital download, on a very well received EP simply titled, 'Acoustic EP'.  Reaching number 4 in the Rock Album charts, this gave their growing fan base a thirst for the new material.  Both were released simultaneously on the 1st of April after a sellout album launch at Camden's Koko.  The album title, 'Guerrilla Invasion', refers to the band's unaided, DIY attitude.  Still independent, Missing Andy continue to perform every task themselves, from music videos, to artwork, social media and the recording, production and mixing of their musical works.

But why two albums? Why not one, fully loaded behemoth of a record?  "Missing Andy has always been a growing and evolving entity.  We have a diverse sound as it is with 5 strong writers in the band, but while we were writing this album we were starting to develop and progress even more.  We thought why hold these great new songs back?!  But also thought piling them all onto one album would make it a little disorientating.  So Part 1 is more of a 'Generation Silenced' 2.0 and Part 2 is yet another advancement for us musically." Steve Rolls - Guitarist.

Recently the band have been touring the new albums around the United Kingdom and have been surprised how their fan base has grown since the last time they hit those towns.  Supporting the tour and sponsoring the band are 'Base London'.  After a good relationship for the past couple of years Base London are now official sponsors of Missing Andy and use them as part of their 'Live Life' campaign.  And what better way to promote that than 5 best mates gigging round the country, living a lifestyle free from the shackles of the mundane!

Determined to keep their fans happy, Missing Andy plan to release a 'Best Of'  compilation of the 3 albums in the coming months, arranged with only acoustic instruments.  "Our acoustic gigs have always been a favourite with the fans.  I think it gives them a break from the onslaught and high energy of a live show….it allows them to focus on the lyrics more too, which has always been a big ingredient to our sound. So we thought lets finally do it, lets release an acoustic album." Alex Greaves - Vocalist.

With more gigs and festivals still to come around the UK, Missing Andy are not content to keep it all so local.  Dates are coming in for Ireland and a large scale tour for most of Europe is being planned to kick off in October this year after such a successful outing there in 2012.